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civil war in the u.s. by blowing up a bay area bank. tonight kpix 5 reporter mark sayer learned some new information about this sglan the end of the line for matthew llaneza came here at this bank of america branch on headen berger road near the airport. he was actually an undercover fbi agent and agents arrested llaneza as he attempted to detonate what he thought was a bomb. neighbors say the family has lived here for yearss and very reclusive. they are also shocked by today's sglairs does that concern you? . >> well, yes tfk it does, especially with two small children. >> but llaneza also has criminal history in santa clara county. llaneza's own father told investigators that matthew had converted to islam. matthew was a former marine with the belief that the secret police or government is trying to follow him and according to today's federal criminal complaint, llaneza told the undercover fbi agent he would dance with joy when the bomb exploded. >> wow. sur real. that's as real as you're going to get for something to come that close to hope and hopefully -- thankfully it was thwarted.
that man is dr. stapleton he has clocked more than 8,000 jumps as a member of the u.s. parachuting team. in 15 minutes his surprising comments on a industry with very little over site. >> imagine hanging there at 13,000 feet knowing something bad happened here. >> and it will get worse. >> we will see the second half coming up. thanks. >>> a corvette went flying off a steep cliff near san jose when emergency crews arrived they faced a narrow road and a dicey situation. kpix reporter lynn ramirez pulled up in time to see how they managed to pull off the rescue. >> reporter: when rescuers arrived at the cliff side crash site, the convertible was buried in the brush >> it went up the hill. >> could have been a head on with you. >> could have been. >> reporter: the swerving sports car narrowly missed his car. >> one passenger was out of the car already talking to 911 the driver was inside bleeding from his head. he was conscious but clearly in pain. >> reporter: the passenger was take on the hospital by ambulance with minor injuries. for the more ba
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)